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Photo by Tommy Feisel.

App Hop

The winter months are upon us. The grills are put away for the season, the holidays have passed, and Columbusites everywhere are preparing for the inevitable and depressing gray days that lie ahead. Alas, it…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Killing Cancer In The Kitchen

On a crisp fall morning driving through the hills of south east Ohio, Jim Warner talks about his new mission: to bring the message of a whole-food, plant-based diet to every doorstep. Trained as an…

Photo by Seth Teter.

Praise The Lard!

I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I just scraped the bottom of a five-gallon bucket of lard that has been in my possession for three short weeks. We brought home this bounty a…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Old School, New School

Welcome back to Old School/New School, your local guide for a great dinner and nightcap. The rules are simple: your destinations for dinner and a nightcap can be either an older or newer concept, but…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Secret Ingredient

Amid the monotony of formulaic fast casuals, Sweet Carrot exceeds expectations with every bite. Refined, yet whimsical, their fascination with corn cakes and smoked meat amid an industry of imitation built-on buns and bowls isn’t…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Brewed To Be Wild

Expanding operations is nothing new for the people at Seventh Son. From their fully-stocked and recently expanded taproom on Fourth Street to their craft beer and wine shop, The Barrel and Bottle, in the North…

Local Haunts

The Columbus spirit scene is legendary, and not just for the intriguing elixirs your corner bartender conjures. No, there’s a less celebrated set of spirits you don’t always hear about from those behind the taps…

Live Line

For those who haven’t noticed, improv comedy has taken Columbus by storm in the past few years, thanks in no small part to the efforts of people like Sarah Storer, who quit her full-time day…

Keith Newsom, aka Snappy the Clown, has been performing at local haunts for years. by Brian Kaiser

Dare to Scare

Editor’s note: Since it came to our attention there was a documentary made about local haunted attraction performers, we wanted to do our own documentary work to accompany it. Rather than unmask the performers entirely,…

by Brian Kaiser


Ritzy’s, the iconic bygone burger chain, whose growing pains led to its near-extinction in the late ’80s, has reclaimed Columbus territory and resumed flipping patties just like the old days; only this time, the second…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Lip Service

Your day or night look isn’t complete until you pick the perfect lip color. But before you apply your killer kisser, take a look at what makes that red hue pop. Do you know exactly…

by Brian Kaiser

Suited for Service

Jim Rieser loves America, appreciates our soldiers, and makes a pretty mean suit. This is year number four for the clothier’s Suits for Soldiers campaign, a program that gifts eight soldiers with custom-made suits to…

by Collins Laatsch

Learning Cycle

Self reliance has been marketed out of the modern bicycling industry over the past few decades, but small local bike shops and scrappy co-ops like Franklinton Cycle Works have made it their mission to bring…

by Lauren Snyder

Day, Made

It’s lunch time at BrewDog Short North. The Street Thyme food truck is in the parking lot. Cookies from Piece of Cake bakery are on a table nearby. The customers are on the back patio…

by Brian Kaiser

Sugar on Top

There’s a line forming at Cream & Sugar, in Columbus’s Hilltop neighborhood, but the owner and her crew are working fast, elbow-to-elbow, to serve Coney dogs, paired with slushies and $1 soft serve. Kids seated…

by Kris Misevski

Redemption Song

Chances are, if someone were to mention the name Jorma Kaukonen, it wouldn’t ring the same bell as, say, Jimi Hendrix or Jerry Garcia. But should you spend any time with footage of the Summer…