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By Rachael Barbash

Comedy Venue

Columbus Funny Bone – 55.2% of 4,656 votes One of the most exciting cultural developments of late is Netflix’s commitment to stand-up comedy. And though you can choose to stay in on a Saturday to watch…

By Brian Kaiser

Bowling Alley

Columbus Square Bowling Palace – 19.9% of 4,291 votes Bowling has never gone out of style… other than perhaps the shoes. Ok, we take that back. They are always in style—and they glow in blacklight, too….

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Coffee Shop

Stauf’s Coffee Roasters – 17.3% of 10,587 votes A cup of coffee is the IV that gets many of us through the day. What better choice than Stauf’s, with its delicately roasted Arabica coffee and scrumptious…

Local Record Store

Magnolia Thunderpussy –  37.7% of 1,230 votes While you may imagine Magnolia Thunderpussy being home to brooding punk rock, ripped-jean-wearing, tattoo-sporting audiophiles, it just simply isn’t true. They have the selection, they have the knowledge, and they…

Local Band

Mojoflo – 17.7% of 5,230 votes With their trumpeting melodies and soft, expertly crafted hooks, Mojoflo’s sound is luscious, smooth, funky, and transcendent of genre. For years they have been our number one pick for when we…

Greg Bartram

Local Pro Sports Fans

Columbus Blue Jackets – 60.4% of 6,334 votes Remember the operative phrase “there’s always next year” for optimistic sports fanatics—even in the face of less-than-positive future prospects? That sentiment has now been officially removed from the…

by Nathan Ward

Art Gallery

Wexner Center for the Arts – 50.2% of 4,007 votes It doesn’t matter who you are—the Wexner Center will give you a creative itch. Artists, art students, and non-artists alike can find something to love—whether it’s…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Local Blogger

Nick Dekker, Breakfast with Nick – 25.4% of 5,440 votes Within the last couple years, food writing has gained a status akin to music and film writing; there are more avenues for non-professional critics to write about…

Annual Event

ComFest – 14.6% of 5,757 votes ComFest (short for Community Festival) is exactly what its name suggests—a celebration of the community and all that it entails. With merchandise tents set up by local sellers throughout all…