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by Collins Laatsch

Best Sushi

Fusian 20.6% of 9,933 votes Fusian comes at you not just with delicious sushi, but a dining experience backed by a mantra. They want you to eat their product with feeling and enjoy trying new…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Best Tacos

Condado Tacos 32.7% of 11,714 votes It’s fairly obvious that the popularity of a taco joint is directly proportional to the number of locations popping up around the city, and Condado is no different. They…

Best Burrito

Chipotle 27.6% of 11,117 votes Yeah, is this even really a question? Perhaps we should rename this category to best “non-Chipotle” burrito. With its Tex-Mex style, innumerable locations, gargantuan size burritos, and fresh ingredients, we…

Best Asian

P.F. Chang’s 12.7% of 10,999 votes Specializing in Asian fusion, P.F. Chang’s has become a household name for a reason: lettuce wraps. Ok, perhaps that is not entirely the case, but we have to admit…

by Collins Laatsch

Best Dance Club

Skully’s Music Diner 36% of 4,372 votes Skully’s has become more than a fixture of the Columbus nightlife scene—it’s now an irreplaceable institution. Always a crossroads for nighttime revellers, Skully’s has the potential to bring…