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Photo by Rachael Barbash

Fitness in Flight

I am suspended upside down 10 feet in the air. Two long, shimmering white sheets rigged to the ceiling are holding me up—one wrapped carefully around my left foot and the other nestled tightly underneath my…

Photo by Chris Casella

Stage Moms

One weekend a year, the second largest bodybuilding competition in the world is held right here in Columbus. Thousands of competitors compete in the Arnold for a chance at a trophy and a moment of…

Max Out

Local experts offer six tips for getting the most from your workouts Whether or not you’re a gym rat, you should try to get the most from your time there because exercise is work. With…

Laugh it Off

What if you knew that you were born with the power to fight off 70 percent of illnesses? Stress alone contributes to upwards of that amount and can be controlled with something we’ve been doing almost…