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Photo by Yon Chong, @deathbreathist (Instagram). To see more work from Chong, check out his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/electricburgerland.

Dig. Shuffle. Click. January

Dig: Grayhawk – The Sacred Seal As a fan of the ephemera of ‘80s metal—the Iron Maiden mythologies, the abject noise of thrash bands from Sepultura to Exodus, the advent of the Tampa death scene—listening…

Queens of Rosy by Abby Feinkopf.

Green Works

The human race has been around a while, so it is possible that we have made everything that possibly could be created already. Maybe that is why so many things in the early 21st century…

Photo by Jennifer Zmuda.

Nutcracker Novelty

It’s a classic ballet held near and dear to the hearts of thousands—the story of a young girl, a Mouse King, a Sugar Plum Fairy, and a handsome Nutcracker Prince. The Nutcracker has remained largely…

Photo by Linda Lee Baird.

Mission of Many Colors

Welcome to Mozaic, a new wellness center for transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people of color that offers classes, clothing, community, and HIV testing. Ohio is the home to many historical “firsts” for communities of…

Live Line

For those who haven’t noticed, improv comedy has taken Columbus by storm in the past few years, thanks in no small part to the efforts of people like Sarah Storer, who quit her full-time day…

A Night at the Theater, Michael Guinane

Good Works

Art doesn’t just imitate life—you can’t have one with the other. And while healthcare may be one of the hot-button political issues of our time, there’s no denying this important fact: while our government debates…

Midwest Burlesque and Rockabilly Weekend by Eric Paul Owens

Seldom Scene: Small Fests

Capital city summers offer an onslaught of festivals. It’s an impressive and impossible schedule, though every year seems to be the same old thing. Not that it’s a bad thing. We celebrate and explore art,…

Midnight Son

If a tragic teen coming-of-age film doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of fare you’d expect to find starring a Schwarzenegger, it’s because you’re thinking of the wrong Schwarzenegger. Audiences eagerly awaiting Patrick Schwarzenegger’s first…