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  • Author: Kate Liebers

Live-in Guru

As students stretch their hamstrings and wiggle their toes in preparation for the Saturday morning basic “Yoga-Well-Being” class, Sipra Pimputkar limbers up her equipment – a two-way video chat program. Pimputkar, owner of Yoga-Well-Being Movement…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Playing with Food

John Croke freely admitted that he is not a natural born cook. Microwaving eggs, for example, was a technique to which Croke had grown accustomed during darker times in his culinary background. “I thought I…

Photo by Chris Casella

Shell Game

A snapping turtle, freshly plucked from Lake Thoreau, hissed at Nate “Coyote” Peterson. She launched her face at him, punching her reptilian head toward his fingers before snapping her head back under her shell. She…