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  • Author: Jennifer Ruisch
Photo by Matelli Grave

Two Of A Kind

“Love seeing African ladies killing it in the world of entrepreneurship! Can’t wait to see more from you.” “I can’t even begin to say how inspired I am by you two! Your dedication and hardwork…


Bakes of Art

The process of making a Bakes by Lo cookie is not like your average Tollhouse recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag. Cookier Laura Young makes the dough, lets it chill, rolls it…

Brian Kaiser

The Little Corner That Could

“So, it’s a bakery that sells sushi?” “It’s not a bakery—it has everything.” I overheard this conversation between an obviously first-time customer, and their more experienced friend as I sat at a table at Corner…

Top Dog

Meet Titan, the undisputed best dog in Columbus The pet people of Columbus have spoken, and they voiced (or clicked, rather…) their votes for the Cutest Canine in Columbus Contest, brought to you by Playful…

Photo by Brian Kaiser

Human’s Best Friend

Columbus charity forges community service through low-income pet aid In some cases, it’s just a small bag of kibble. But what people take away from their interaction with Faithful Forgotten Best Friends is much larger—and…

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Truck Yeah!

A mini guide to the biggest mobile food fest in the all the land. Once again, Columbus is the site of the largest gathering of food trucks in the Midwest. As a region known for…

Time Lines

Etching Columbus tattoo history with Hell City founder Durb Morrison. When I was growing up, the cool kids weren’t wearing designer clothes, or scoring on a sports field. They were hanging out behind a tattoo…

Byrne's Pub by David Heasley

Going Green

A h, St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday where everyone can be Irish for a day. There are many styles of celebration, from reveling in your emerald isle roots, to getting schnockered on green beer. (614)…

By Lindsey Bluman

614 Home

Lindsay Blumen and Molly Dunifon are artsy ladies who wanted to create a colorful space for their new babes. But far from the pastels that are traditional for nurseries, or the gray and white pallet…