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  • Author: J.R. McMillan
Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Secret Ingredient

Amid the monotony of formulaic fast casuals, Sweet Carrot exceeds expectations with every bite. Refined, yet whimsical, their fascination with corn cakes and smoked meat amid an industry of imitation built-on buns and bowls isn’t…

Photo by Reece Thompson.

Second Story

There’s no perfect formula for connecting artists and audiences. But if there were one, the secret ingredient that distinguishes nuisance from ….noise would probably be the venue itself. Maybe that’s why serious musicians and their…

Photo provided Mug & Brush.

Barbershop Quintet

The foremost fear of many musicians is failing to fill a room, and rightly so. The club circuit is cutthroat, and light ticket sales and lackluster turnout can easily kill a band’s future before it…

Local Haunts

The Columbus spirit scene is legendary, and not just for the intriguing elixirs your corner bartender conjures. No, there’s a less celebrated set of spirits you don’t always hear about from those behind the taps…

by Brian Kaiser

Candid Cameron

Let’s be honest. You’re probably better off not knowing what happens behind the scenes in most restaurants. But sometimes you should. And that’s the case with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, whose bona fide empire of Columbus-based…

Keith Newsom, aka Snappy the Clown, has been performing at local haunts for years. by Brian Kaiser

Dare to Scare

Editor’s note: Since it came to our attention there was a documentary made about local haunted attraction performers, we wanted to do our own documentary work to accompany it. Rather than unmask the performers entirely,…

by Brian Kaiser

Free Sample

Microgreens are the original petite cuisine. Dainty and delicate atop any dish, served at some of the most revered restaurants in Columbus, the highfalutin alternative to salad or sprouts might have an unlikely source. Drew…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Cocktail Curiosity

Chad White doesn’t look like what you’d probably expect from the founder of the Ohio Rum Society. He lacks the sailor’s swagger and pirate’s pedigree some mistakenly associate with the world’s most versatile and diverse…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Delicatessen Delicacies

Harvey & Ed’s brings noshes and nostalgia to Short North. If an upscale deli sounds like a half-baked idea, you obviously haven’t been to Harvey & Ed’s. The latest creation from Cameron Mitchell Restaurants combines…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

The Dube Abides

Reflecting on the strange transition of a beloved landmark. When the beloved Blue Danube abruptly announced they were closing after 78 years, the news nearly broke hearts and local Facebook feeds. But early reports of…

Blue Eyed Blues

When Garrett Dutton was eight years old, it was the Beatles who prompted him to take up the guitar. After learning to fingerpick “Blackbird” and adding a harmonica to the mix, by fifteen he was…

Midwest Burlesque and Rockabilly Weekend by Eric Paul Owens

Seldom Scene: Small Fests

Capital city summers offer an onslaught of festivals. It’s an impressive and impossible schedule, though every year seems to be the same old thing. Not that it’s a bad thing. We celebrate and explore art,…

Chains of Love

Before Columbus was nationally known for its neighborhood haunts and dinky little dives, we spent decades as an incubator for fast food fads that came, cooked, and conquered. Not all went on to become household…

Midnight Son

If a tragic teen coming-of-age film doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of fare you’d expect to find starring a Schwarzenegger, it’s because you’re thinking of the wrong Schwarzenegger. Audiences eagerly awaiting Patrick Schwarzenegger’s first…

I Am Wrath by Brian Douglas

Columbus on Film

A rare mix of quintessential and gritty interiors and exteriors, and accidental advantages of geography, should make our city ripe for the red carpet. Creating a permanent production presence in the heart of Ohio is…

Roof with a View

Rooftop patios are nothing new. But the trouble always tends to be the view. Downtown Nashville has some cluttered so closely together, the only thing you can really see past the ledge? Another rooftop patio….

bu Dustin Goebel

Dead Celebrity

Chuck Lamb clutched his mother’s hand as the steady stream of mourners approached his father’s casket. He recognized a few faces from the family’s infamous backyard poker parlor, attracting traveling card sharks eager to ante…

Aftermath, 2017. Photo By Brian Douglas/Courtesy Lionsgate Premiere

Q & A(rnold)

It’s no surprise action heroes are Hollywood’s single greatest export. Amid wildfires, mudslides, drought, and rolling blackouts, it’s a wonder the filmmaking capital of the world has survived any better than its on-screen alter ego,…

Photo By Brian Kaiser

Beyond Beer

Beer might just be the perfect gift. Unlike the kitchen kitsch, no-good knickknacks, and other wrapped crap we tend to exchange, beer is simply shared and enjoyed, leaving nothing behind but fond memories and a…

Photo By Tommy Feisel

Culinary Itinerary

Greater Columbus Sister Cities organizes excursions and exchanges within our growing global family, but sharing in these connections doesn’t necessarily require a suitcase and a passport. Common bonds wait in the restaurant kitchens of some…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Members Wanted

We often see “neighborhood” and “community” used synonymously, even though they’re not. The former is just a place, but the latter has a purpose. A neighborhood is where you live, but a community is where…

by Tommy Feisel

Top Jeff

Even from across a room, Jeff Ruby is larger than life. With an unmistakable swagger and swirl of smoke, he conducted an orchestra of carpenters and electricians like woodwinds and brass, using his cigar as…

By Brian Kaiser

All American

Armchair quarterbacks are nothing new, and it turns out it’s even easier to be an armchair pundit. The NFL’s willingness to kneel and unwillingness to yield has moved the national pasttime from the football stadium…

By Tommy Feisel

Deep Dish Dilemma

It’s a lovely casserole, but it’s not a pizza,” quipped an equally opinionated eater as we disputed the defining design of a true Chicago pie. The Gold Coast isn’t alone in its claim of a…

Mob on a Mission

Kimberly Rottmayer is going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. The photographer by trade is as snappy as her shutter, fierce as her fervor, and undeniable as her freckles. She’s disarming, yet demanding….