How To Be The Envy Of All Your Followers

Everybody has probably all been tempted to rent a large dumpster and chuck all their home decor out the window, especially after scrolling through social media. But hold up, I’m sure you’ve got a good base going! You just need a few key pieces to make your home a bit more Instagrammable. We’ll help guide you to where you can find them locally, too!

1. Wicker:

One easy way to incorporate wicker into your living room decor is by swapping out those hideous, plastic mini trash cans with a more natural-looking. It’s a subtle upgrade but nevertheless important because now, your guests’ eyes won’t be drawn to the one thing you don’t want them to see: your garbage.

TJ Maxx, $15

2. Large wall art:

Ditch the gallery wall and find three of your favorite large wall pieces to eliminate busyness. Be sure to arrange them in a triangle shape to naturally draw your eyes upwards, making your ceiling appear higher.
Happy Go Lucky, $65

3. Oversized plants:

Baby succulents are always welcomed, but if you want your greenery to be a part of your living room landscape, it’s gotta exceed two inches in height. I recommend Monstera Deliciosa (Split Leaf Philodendron) for their trendiness, low mainten-ance, and their ability to set a tropical vibe wherever they live!

Oakland Nursery, $30

4. Throw:

It’s called a living room because you live in it! Besides, perfection isn’t the least bit interesting. An easy way to achieve the laid-back look is with a throw. This can double as your “pop of color” so don’t be afraid to go against your color scheme.

Elm & Iron, $30

5. Woven baskets:

Baskets are the perfect way to disguise an ugly plant pot, collect toys, or show off your cute blankets while also adding a point of interest to ground-level. These are a simple way to add maturity and intention to your place.

Vernacular Home, $27

6. Buffet:

Wooden pallet coffee tables are trendy. Buffets are forever. These hip-high pieces double as a storage unit and display area for your plants, knick knacks, record player, or bar!

Ikea, $329

7. Pop of Vintage:

No, of course it doesn’t work! But, damn does it look cool. Let your quirkiness shine with a unique vintage item.

Flower Child Vintage, $45