Hopping Into The New Year

There are more to seasonal beers than Pumpkin Ales and Christmas Stouts, especially right here in good ole’ Cbus. Some of your local haunts brew some delicious hoppy goodness to round out the cooler months. With bold full-body flavors and some fruitful favorites to lead into the spring, try one of these bad boys to warm you up on the coldest of nights. Most are brewed in limited quantities and are available as the winter seasonal option, so get them while they last!

Seventh Son’s Winterborn

Stats: Golden Brett Ale, 6.7% ABV, IBU 70

My glass smelled like a tropical vacation, which in the dead of winter might be exactly what you need. Located at 4th and 4th in Italian Village, Seventh Son’s Winterborn is dry with a hint of pineapple to round out the lingering spice and slight funk. This is a popular one and brewed in small batches. It’s very smooth and will have you thinking warmer thoughts.

Endeavor’s Campfire S’mores

Stats: Brown Ale (Nitro), 6.5% ABV

There is nothing in the world I love more than s’mores, but having a campfire in the city can be a little tricky. Luckily, Endeavor has solved that problem by having their Campfire S’mores on tap all winter long. This tasty dream is made with vanilla beans, milk, sugar, real cocoa, and a honey malt to bring out the graham cracker taste. A smoked malt gives a toasty flavor, and the nitro gives it a creamy texture like drinking hot chocolate in the snow, but better because it’s booze.

Platform Frosty Tips

Stats: Witbier, 4.2% ABV, IBU 12

If s’mores aren’t your thing you can head over to the Columbus Platform taproom to try this lemon zest, graham cracker, Tahitian vanilla bean goddess in a glass. It smells amazing, and has a light taste that won’t weigh you down after all the leftover Christmas cookies that you have no doubt been eating. This beer is nothing but refreshing and will have you dreaming of the warmer days to come.

Land Grant Goon

Stats: Pale Ale, 6.1% ABV, IBU 65

Hockey season is the best season, am I right? If you like to scream at the TV while watching the Columbus Blue Jackets as much as I do, then this is the aggressive flavor for you. It’s bitter with an earthy taste, a hint of spice, and strong hops. This is a super bold, full-body taste that will keep you happy when we win and comfort you when we lose. You can find this not only at Nationwide Arena, but the taproom as well until hockey season ends.

Knotty Pine Snow Day IPA

Stats: IPA, 5.8% ABV

When you think of having a snow day, you may not think of a lemon-citrus spiced flavor, but then you would be thinking wrong. Knotty Pine has a great IPA to offer in a quaint little Grandview spot. Despite its light smell, the hops give it a bit of a spicy kick to warm you from the inside out and is available throughout the winter season.

Brewdog’s Zeitgeist

Stats: Black Lager, 4.9% ABV, IBU 30

If you haven’t checked out the Short North location yet, you should get down there! The Zeitgeist will be there waiting to help you begin the new year. Available January through March and boasting its chocolate, coffee, and cascade hops, it’s unlike any black lager you have likely had before. It will give you the boost you need to get started on your resolutions, unless that resolution was to drink less…

Go forth and wander the city, my friends, and try to stay warm.

Story by Arianna Urban.