Faces of Fitness: Kristine Strange

Weight Watchers was not something new for Kristine Strange.

She struggled with her weight throughout her adolescence, but in 2012 she could see that it was becoming an issue that severely affected her self-esteem. With her family’s suggestions to pursue gastric bypass surgery, she signed up for Weight Watchers. Again.

“I’ve done the program probably over 30 times, you know, started it for a little bit and then quit, just because it’s hard for me to stick with something,” she said. Beginning in November 2012, Strange lost 93 pounds, from 231 down to 138.

She completed the program successfully and became a lifer, though her diet began to suffer after she stopped attending the weekly meetings.

Strange has found motivation within herself and through the encouragement of others in her Weight Watchers classes and online.

“It’s like my church on Saturday.”

Strange made a commitment to continue attending weekly classes, even though she’s reached her goal weight.

“It’s really important for me to go to the meetings,” she said. “Some people do [the program] online. I like to go … and be around the other people and get tips.”

Strange started a Facebook page [“I Lost Big and So Can You”] to document her journey and progress. She updates her page every day.

“My family was kind of curious how my journey was going,” she said. “I didn’t want to blow up my own personal Facebook and annoy everybody about my weight loss. It just kind of gained followers and people were inspired by my story.

Strange said it was a new form of accountability.

“If I gain, they’ll start to catch on,” she added. “If I have a bad week … I mean I’m human so they’ve definitely pushed me along. Everybody in my family and everybody at my work knows I’m doing this so they’re not going to let me just quit.”

By incorporating high-protein, high-fiber and smaller-portioned meals into her diet, Strange began to see results. She and her boyfriend began spending some time at the gym each week.

Non-scale victories, like going down a size or passing up a snack, and non-food rewards made it easier to keep up with small goals.

“I was never able to shop at Lululemon before so for me that was an exciting thing to buy workout clothes that I could fit into.”

Strange said that her next goal is to tighten up and gain some muscle.

How did your views of food change?

I have learned to eat when I am hungry and not just because of emotions … eating has now [come] to be for fuel versus satisfaction.

What’s your weakness?
I have to say I don’t really have guilty pleasures because I try to allow myself the foods [and] treats I crave on occasion so that I don’t go buck wild for a whole month and eat everything in sight.

What’s your favorite workout?
In the past year, all I’ve done is running. That’s my comfort right now. I’m trying to branch outside of that and do different things.